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  • Balboa 30-200-2487 Topside Kit Mini Oval, VL200, 3-BTN, 52487, Black

    SpaGuts Balboa Topside kit, 3-Button mini oval VL200 model with LCD display. OEM part number 52487. Compatible with the Balboa VS 500Z Spa Controllers. Button Configuration: 3-Button (Jets, Temperature, Light). This topside panel uses a phone-type connector, 8-wire, with 7ft cord. NOTE: A standard 53676 mini oval topside with 11219 overlay will be provided in a clear sealed bag. This topside panel is also a replacement option for the following topside panels: 52564 (Great Lakes), 53813 (Viking Spas; Extension cable may be required; Verify Button Layout), 52365, 52489, 52637 (Master Spas, X310001), 34-52487-K, 34-52487, 52267-01 (No Overlay; V...
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B07JLTJ8CG
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Balboa
    • UPC: 637509102548

  • Balboa 10-175-2001 Spa Controller Kit, VS501Z, 54220-Z

    SpaGuts The Balboa Spa Controller VS501Z Kit is configurable. Internal component circuits are setup to work with your existing pump, blower and ozone, so you don't have to do any internal wiring. OEM part number for the kit is 54220-Z. This controller operates on 110/220V (220V requires 4-wire service). The VS501Z controller is equipped with M7 technology which allows the heater to be mounted either on the suction or discharge side of the pump. Controller Dimensions are 12" L x 11" H x 4.5" W (approx.). Heater Dimensions are 15" L x 2" Diameter (approx.). Topside Panel Dimensions are 4.25" L x 1.5" W (approx.). Topside Cover Plate Dimensions ...
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B07JM7K58X
    • Brand: Balboa

  • Balboa Water Group 53189-01 Topside Control Panel with 7-Button

    Balboa VL701S Topside Control Panel, 53189-01. Operates 7 Buttons: Auxiliary, Mode, Jet 1, Jet 2, Light, Warm, Cool. This panel replaces all Serial Standard Digital (6-button) products. It also utilizes the phone type connector. The following circuit board(s) are compatible with this topside: 52295-01, 52518, 54175-02, 52320-01, 52076, 54122, 50768, 50759, 51414, 51512, 51536, 54372-03.
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B00M3ZIZ4S
    • Brand: Balboa Water Group
    • UPC: 702082346556

  • Northern Lights Group Balboa VL260 Top Side Panel 4 Button Mini-Lite Duplex LCD

    PN55559is an 4-button (Jets, Aux, Temp, Light) VL260 Light Duplex LCD Control panel. It can be used with the duplex spa packs such as the VS501Z, GS501Z, etc.Comes with 7ft cable with 8-pin RJ45 ethernet style connector. Size: 7in wide x 2in high. 1 year warranty.
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B076TH2VXR
    • Brand: Northern Lights Group
    • UPC: 600150970248

  • Northern Lights Group Balboa TP600 LCD 6-Button Panel PN 50056-06

    Balboa 6 -ButtonTP600 Panel with Standard Layout Overlay 12198. PN 50056-06 is a high quality 6-button TP series control panel that is time of day display capable. It is used as the main panel for Balboa NEW BP Series Spa Packs such as the BP501 or BP1500. It comes with the standard button layout that includes Jets1, Jets2,Flip Warm, Light, Cool. The cable is 8ft long with 8-pin ML style connector. Size:8.2 in wide x 2.5 in high. 1 year warranty. Features: The new TP panels feature a larger LCD screen that is easier to read. New Press & Hold button navigation make menu selection even easier. Lexan Construction -Fully Water Proof.
    Balboa Panel

    • Brand: Northern Lights Group
    • UPC: 608819224831

  • Balboa 30-200-4104 Topside Kit, Lite Duplex Digital, 54104

    SpaGuts Balboa Topside kit with 4-Button Lite duplex digital, with LED display, model VL403 E4 LT DIG. OEM part number 54104. Button Configuration: 4-Button (Jets-Jets-Temp-Light).This topside panel uses an 8-wire phone-type connector with 7ft cord. This topside kit is also a replacement option for the following topside part numbers: 52008 (Leisure Bay, No Overlay), 3-00-8036, 58-138-1141, 54251-01 (LCD Version), 58-138-1036 (LCD Version).NOTE 1: A standard 54130 Topside (Panel Balboa E4 LT Dig No O/L VL403) with a 10752 overlay will be provided.
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B07JLHZL58
    • Brand: Balboa

  • Balboa 30-200-3189 Topside Kit Serial Standard, VL701S, 53189

    SpaGuts Balboa Topside kit, 7-Button Serial standard VL701S model with LCD display. OEM part number 53189. This topside panel works with Balboa VS510SZ and VS520SZ spa controllers. Button Configuration: 7-Button; (Top Row) Blower-Mode-Warm; (Bottom Row) Jet1-Jet2-Light-Cool. This topside panel uses a phone-type connector, 8-wire, with 7ft cord. This topside is also a replacement option for the following Balboa Topside Panels: 52402, 54112 (Topside with no overlay. Verify button configuration), 58-138-1102, BAL53189, 9705-25, 52402 , 50890, 51406 (2000D Thermostats), 50902, 51507, 52500, 54144, 52298, 3-00-8016, 54625, 54081, 51673, ELE0920069...
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B07JKZ5NM1
    • Brand: Balboa

  • Balboa 10-175-2295 Circuit Board, 2000LE Digital, 52295-01

    SpaGuts Balboa replacement balboa circuit board, 2000LE Digital, Chips 2002LER1 or 2000LER1. OEM part number 52295-01. This circuit board uses a pressure switch to monitor water flow. Circuit Board Dimension (Approx): 9.75" x 6.0" Features: Pump 1 - Dual speed, Pump 2 - Single/Dual Speed, Blower, Circulation Pump, Ozone, 5.5 kw Max., Either 12V Spa Light or 120V Fiber Optic Lights. Compatible Balboa Topside Panels: 53189, 54156, 51247, 51057, 51452, 54157, 54170. This circuit board is compatible with the 30352 Balboa Temp Sensor, 32016 Balboa Hi-Limit Sensor, 58019 Heater Assembly, 3903 or 4010P Pressure Switch, and the 30039 or 30511 Copper ...
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B07JKZ5B24
    • Brand: Balboa
    • UPC: 852673919802

  • Balboa 30-200-4665 Topside Kit, Lite Duplex Digital, 54665

    SpaGuts Balboa Topside kit with 4-Button lite duplex digital LCD, model VL401. OEM part number 54665. Button Configuration: 4-Button (Jets-Light-Cool-Warm).This topside kit is a replacement option for the following part numbers: 58-138-1032, 3-60-0094 (No Overlay), 58-355-4190, 34-0226A, 3-00-8058 (LED Version), 58-138-1044 (LED Version), 54664 (LED Version), 52274 (Verify button layout to match), TS500 (ThermoSpas).NOTE: A standard 52424-01 lite duplex digital LCD topside (Panel Balboa E4 Supdup No O/L VL401) with 11885 overlay will be provided.
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B07JKZ5CHV
    • Brand: Balboa

  • Balboa Water Group 54116 Lite Leader Digital Topside Control Panel with 2-Button

    Balboa Lite Leader Digital Topside Control Panel. The 6-conductor version of this panel supports the Lite Leader system. This panel is only compatible with specific OEM systems. The following circuit board(s) are compatible with this topside: 54115, 52399, 52213, 52215, 52083. Overlay part number 10694.
    Balboa Panel

    • ASIN: B00M3ZJ1T6
    • Brand: Balboa Water Group
    • UPC: 702082346617

  • Mainstays Blackout Energy Efficient Grommet Single Curtain Panel

    Keep the light out with the Mainstays Blackout Energy-Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel. Available in a vibrant, trendy color palette, it brings extra life to almost any room. This Mainstays curtain panel helps block out the right amount of light while insulating the room from the heat and cold. This feature can help you save on your heating and cooling costs throughout the year and even help keep your room quiet. A grommet top makes it easy to hang and style it to your liking. Made of 100 percent polyester, this Mainstays Blackout Energy-Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel can be used with
    Balboa Panel
    Blackout technology blocks out most unwanted light while enhancing privacy, the darker the base color the better the light blocking capabilitiesEnergy Efficient design reduces energy lost through your windows100% polyesterBuilt-in easy to hang and style metal grommets fit curtain rods up to 1.5" in diameterIncludes 1 single curtain panel made from machine washable material, buy two for complete lookCurtain rod not included. Double rod may be needed for

    • UPC: 53753298
    • Model: 49570
    • Color: BlueTeal
    • Size: 40 x 84
    • Rating: 4.545

  • Eclipse Samara Room Darkening Energy-Efficient Thermal Curtain Panel

    Experience the silence, darkness and beauty of one-of-a-kind Eclipse window treatments, a line of energy-saving, noise-reducing blackout curtains and valances where function meets style. Eclipse thermal curtains are designed to block out over 99 percent of light and reduce unwanted noise so you can get a better night's sleep. The magic is in the Thermaback construction. The innovative double-pass foam-back construction keeps the noise and the draft out, letting you enjoy all the light-blocking, noise-reducing and energy-saving benefits you want without compromising the style you crave. These classic foam-backed thermal curtains provide the ultimate in blackout performance, while helping you
    Balboa Panel
    Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Thermal Curtain Panel: Light-reducing Noise-reducing Energy-saving Textured tone-on-tone design provides alternative to solid curtains Hang them in your living room, bedroom, office, nursery or kid's room Use 2 window panels on a standard or decorative rod for optimal coverage 100 percent polyester Care: machine wash tumble dry do not bleach Sold as single panels

    • UPC: 35587102
    • Model: 10796042X054IVY
    • Color: IvoryBlack
    • Size: 42 x 54
    • Rating: 4.237

  • Mainstays Marjorie Sheer Voile Curtain Panel

    Add a rich look to your room with the Mainstays Marjorie Sheer Voile Curtain Panel. The color of this sheer window panel gives a luxurious look. Made from polyester, this window panel offers easy maintenance as you can machine wash it. This polyester window curtain can be used with a basic curtain rod or with a normal sized decorative rod. This window curtain panel is available in multiple styles and colors for you to choose the one that fits your
    Balboa Panel
    Mainstays Marjorie Sheer Voile Curtain Panel:Sold as a 59" wide single panel1.5" rod pocket for use with standard or decorative curtain rodVoile curtain made of sheer polyesterWashableSizes available: 59" x 63", 59" x 84", 59" x 95", 59" x 54", 59" x 108"Colors available: ivory, green, black, charcoal, teal, chocolate, red, Aegean, coral, white,

    • UPC: 44434384
    • Model: 44516
    • Color: White
    • Size: 59 x 84
    • Rating: 4.631

  • Mainstays Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel

    New window coverings are a great way to update a room without breaking the bank. When hanging panel-style curtains, aim to purchase enough fabric to cover twice the width of the window. This single Room Darkening Panel with rod pocket from Mainstays is 54 inches wide and 63 inches long, sufficient alone for a small window, or in combination with additional panels for a much wider window or door. This 100% polyester curtain is machine washable, but don’t iron it. Sold in navy color, it filters out most light, for energy efficiency and comfortable yet safe sleeping
    Balboa Panel
    Single Room Darkening Panel with rod pocket from MainstaysAn affordable way to update your homeâs decor54 inches wide by 63 inches tallGood for a small window, or get several for a wider window or doorwaySold in navy color100% polyester energy efficient panel blocks light without blacking it out entirelyMachine wash cold, tumble dry low, use warm iron if

    • UPC: 281311818
    • Model: MS9701871617-02
    • Color: NavyBlue
    • Size: 54 x 63
    • Rating: 4.261

  • Mainstays Room Darkening Solid Woven Curtain Panel Pair

    Decorate your home with these stylish Mainstays Thermal Solid Woven Curtain Panels. Sold as a set of two, these panels are engineered for light blocking and insulating against heat and cold. Made from polyester, these Mainstays Curtain Panels are machine washable for easy
    Balboa Panel

    • UPC: 45091502
    • Model: MS45-013-003-30
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 60 x 84
    • Rating: 4.046

  • Balboa GS 100 Hot Tub Quick Set Up Guide From The Balboa Water Group & Hot Tub Suppliers

    Balboa Panel
    Hottubsuppliers & The Balboa Water Group Quick Set Up Guide To The GS100 System. Hot Tub Suppliers are proud to be recognized as official Balboa suppliers of Spa Systems for their range of luxury ...
    hot tub,hot tubs,zspas,hottubsuppliers,zen spas,jacuzzi,hydrotherapy,balboa water group,balboa ho...

    Balboa BP Series - Setting Filter Cycles with TP600 Panels

    Balboa Panel
    How to set the filter cycle on BP control systems with a TP600 panel. For information on the BP Systems © Balboa Water Group. All rights reserved.
    Balboa Water Group,Spa Products,Spa Filter Cycle

    Understanding the Hot tub Balboa GS523DZ & VL801D system

    Balboa Panel
    An overview of the Balboa GS523DZ spa system & the VL801D topside panel
    Hot tub system,Hot Tub Balboa,hot tub control pack