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  • Handmade Sword - Battle Ready Samurai Katana Sword, Dragon Tsuba, Fully Hand Forged, 1045 Carbon Steel, Heat Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, White Scabbard (Dragon762)

    Handmade Sword, is a well known and authentic hand-forge sword company. We are professional and specialized in hand-forging Japanese samurais words. We have a full range ofKatana, Wakizashi, Tanto sword and other sword's accessories. Swords from Handmade Sword are all hand made in traditional ways by skilled and experienced swordsmiths. Handmade Sword strives for making the highest quality swords in the past decades. Which makes us one of the best sword sellers in this industry. We believe in keeping customers happy and providing them with the best sword at competent price. Traditional Forging Method: Heat Tempered or Clay Tempered. Blade: Al...
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B01NCVV7TR
    • Color: White-dragon-762
    • Brand: Handmade Sword
    • UPC: 065225031642

  • Handmade Sword - Shirasaya Samurai Katana Swords, Battle Ready, Hand Forged, 1095 Carbon Steel, Clay Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, Wood Color Handle, Scabbard, Silk Box with Accessories, Certificate

    Blade: High carbon steel; clay tempered; Hi(Blood groove): Long Hi on each side of the blade; Harmon: Real ham on, Clay tempered on; Edge: Sharp, hand sharpened by Japanese whetstone; Otsuka(Handle): Wood color piano lacquered handle; Tang: Full tang engraved with signature and unique number; Saia(Scabbard): Wood color piano lacquered wood say; Blade Length (with Hibachi): 28. 4"Blade Length (without Hibachi): 27. 4"Handle Length: 10. 7"Overall Length (with Saia): 41"Weight (with Saia): 2. 45 lbs Weight (without Saia): 1. 8 lbs Package weight: 8 Includes: 1 * Assembled Sword with Saya1 * Maintenance Kit1 * Black piano lacquered Stand1 * Black...
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B002B9WOBG
    • Color: 1095 Clay Tempered, Wood
    • Brand: Handmade Sword
    • UPC: 065225021742

  • xinan2018 Japanese 1060 T10 1045 1090 Samurai Katana Real Battle Ready Hand Forged Damascus Carbon Steel Heat Tempered Full Tang Sharp Scabbard Handmade Black Wall Mount Steel ...

    Making a good knife requires constant smelting: high temperature heating and repeated folding , hammer flat, especially to make the blade more sharp, use local quenching.And through the method of changing the steel structure to solve thousands of years of toughness and hardness of the difficult problem.katana has a very high technology in making method. Generally speaking, after cutting edge, quenching and polishing, it should be combined with white wood handle scabbard to keep the blade for sale, while handle, scabbard, tan and other dao are used as another line, and it is decorated by special metalworking .
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B07L241LFC
    • Color: Dragon - 1060
    • Brand: xinan2018
    • UPC: 681413200517

  • Shinwa Black Knight Handmade Katana/Samurai Sword - Hand Forged Black Damascus Steel - Razor Sharp, Full Tang - Fully Functional, Battle Ready, Ninja Sleek - Faux Ray Skin, Cord Wrap, Dragon Tsuba

    The "Black Knight" of lore, embodied in a fierce hand forged katanaShadowy and mysterious, yet clearly capable, Shinwa's "Black Knight" Katana embodies the fabled "dark-" or "black knight" of lore - a rogue warrior loyal to no warlord or king, who fights only for himself and his own cryptic, deviant-yet-noble principles. Indeed, the Black Knight Katana slashes to the beat of its own drum. And despite its grim hues, the Black Knight is nothing if not vibrant and alluring; it's teeming with distinctive appointments and captivating accents - a true masterwork of contemporary sword design. But behind this stylishly unsettling façade lurks a down...
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B010GEHCYG
    • Brand: Shinwa
    • UPC: 760729747784

  • RYUJIN 1095 Full Tang Japanese Military Gunto Samurai Sword

    This version is based on the model 98 Shin Gunto that began production in 1938, distinguished by the traditionally constructed tsuka and single hanging point of the saya. While not a perfect replica, it is much closer to many others being sold online and pays attention to many details - including the scabbard locking push button release mechanism, Japanese Imperial Army tsuba, colored steel scabbard and officers tassel (brown and blue, designating a company or warrant officer rank), all coming together to give it that Gunto look without breaking the budget.
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B07GBKKQT9
    • Brand: RYUJIN
    • UPC: 849904045393

  • Shijian Chinese High Carbon Steel Handmade Diamond Pattern Sword

    Item number: FCG0015 Condition: New, unused no damages Overall length:80cm/31.5 inch Blade length: 54cm/21.26 inch Tsuka length:21cm/8.27 inch Blade Steel: High carbon steel Bo-Hi: With double Bo-hi Hamon: With hamon, Chinese traditional pattern engraved. Tsuba: Alloy tsuba, Is used to protect your hand from sliding onto the blade during thrusts. Tsuka:Hard rosewood Saya:Rosewood
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B018DLSV3A
    • Color: Diamond Pattern Sword
    • Brand: Shijian
    • UPC: 763250296080

  • Hand-Forging Strong 60HRC Spring Steel Blade Sharp Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Battle Ready Full Tang Asian Saber Knife

    Shipping (1) Shipping method: We have only one shipping way so far, it\'s EMS. We will post the new shipping way if we get more choice (2)Item tracking: We will tell you the item\'s number after we send out your items. You can track them by visit the website of EMS express to view the shipping status. Please try more times if the track website doesn\'t responds. (3)Time to deliver: It\'s about 1-2 working days from you order the item to it has been send out. The delivered time is about 7-15 days, which depends on the custom clearance efficiency. So normally, it took about 8-13days to get the item after you purchase it.
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B07TVCLTZ4
    • Brand: Generic

  • Handmade Sword - Japanese Style Samurai Wakizashi Sword, Battle Ready, Hand Forged, 1045 Carbon Steel, Heat Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, Oda Nobunaga Tsuba, Red Cotton Ito Handle, Black Scabbard

    Blade: Carbon steel, heat tempered; Edge: Sharp; Harmon: Prominent real ham on; Hi(blood groove): Long Hi on each side; Otsuka(handle): Genuine Ray skin wrapped with red Ito and ornamented with Menace (Ornament); Saia: Black piano lacquered wood with red Sage; Tang: Full tang with 2 Mesuji(peg); Tuba: Ode Nobunaga tuba; Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled Blade Length: 20. 5"Handle Length: 9. 3"Saya Length: 23. 4"Overall Length(with Saia): 32. 9"Weight(with Saia): 2 lb. 2 oz. Weight(without Saia): 1 lb. 12 oz.
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B001GNORFO
    • Color: Warrior Red Tsuka
    • Brand: Handmade Sword
    • UPC: 065225022152

  • Lyuesword Japanese Handmade Samurai Folded Steel Full Tang Ninja Sword Battle Ready

    Overall Length: 40.5 inch=104 cm Nagasa Lengh: 27.8 inch=70.5 cm Handle Length: 10.6 inch=27 cm Kissaki Shape: Chu-Kissaki Blade Shape: SHINOGUI-ZUKURI Blade Width (near Habaki): 1.26 inch=3.2 cm Blade Width (near Kissaki): 0.91 inch=2.3 cm Blade Material: Folded steel Saya Material: Hard Wooden Handle Material: Hard Wood + Ray Skin Tsuba Material: Iron Sori (curve): 0 cm Package Weight: 2.0 kg Condition: Brand New In Addition: This blade is made of folded steel and has folded 12 times to create the 4096 layers to increase the flexibility and hardness of the blade and a distinct texture is left on the blade as a result of the repeated folding...
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B01DZ4N1PI
    • Brand: Lyuesword
    • UPC: 757290759865

  • Loong sword,Full Tang Sword,Handmade(High Carbon Steel Blade,Leather Scabbard) Battle Ready

    Item Specification: Blade Material:High manganese steel etch blade; Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Hand Forged,Heat Tempered; Weight (with Scabbard):2.2lbs/1kg(approximately); Overall length:29"/74cm; Blade length:18"/45.5cm; Handle length:9"/23.5cm; Blade Width:1.96"/5CM; Scabbard:Black leather; Handle:rope winding; Condition:Brand New; Origin:Longquan Zhejiang China; Accessories:Cotton sword bag.No wood stand. Note: 1.length may have small error; can contact us if you need customized blade lettering or other changes; 3.we are the manufacturers, many commodities is now assembled, each shipment might be slightly different. Please understand...
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords

    • ASIN: B07QGLX85N
    • Brand: Loong sword

  • Samurai Katana Sword Set of 3 Red Wrap Handles Wht Scabbard

    This 3 piece katana sword set comes with 3 swords measuring 40", 31.5" and 21.5" overall. Each sword is 4mm thick and has a carbon steel plain blade. Note these blades are dull and are not sharpened for safety purposes. The red cord wrapped handles have zinc alloy fittings and each sword comes with a white lacquered scabbard with red and black on it. This sword set comes complete with a black wooden stand to hold and display all 3
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    Samurai Katana Sword Set of 3 Red Wrap Handles Wht Scabbard

    • UPC: 52641932
    • Model: SW-79-4
    • Color: WhiteRed/White
    • Rating: 4.0

  • 40" Foam Bokken Training Katana Samurai Sword Sparring Stick LARP Weapon

    Wield power and finesse with this shock-resistant foam bokken. Constructed with a hard plastics core wrapped with padding foam, this bokken features a cushioned handle and reinforced tip padding. It can be used for sparring or sword practice.Blade length: 30 inches Overall length: 40
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    40" Foam Bokken Training Katana Samurai Sword Sparring Stick LARP Weapon

    • UPC: 963284836
    • Model: FF-016BK

  • Dark Wooden Practice Samurai Bokken Sword

    Fine-tune your moves with this Dark Wooden Practice Samurai Bokken Sword. This piece is ideal for amateurs, professionals and everyone in between. It is made of solid dark wood for durability. This wooden practice sword is 40" in length and is bladeless, which allows you to safely and effectively practice or teach without fear of bodily injury. This wooden samurai sword has a comfortable grip and its weight is nicely balanced to help you master your art. It also makes an interesting focal point in a room when decorating. You can situate it on a vertical stand or hang it
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    Dark Wooden Practice Samurai Bokken Sword:Made of solid dark wood40" in lengthThe Bokken wooden samurai sword is a training sword, safer for training than a real bladeFor display purposes

    • UPC: 23848255
    • Model: 20-1806B
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 4.5

  • Hardwood Bokken practice samurai sword c1262

    Bokken, Practice Sword Wood practice swordMade for practicing sword techniques, this bokken is made of select hardwood and includes one plastic and one rubber stopper. Blade length: 30"Overall length:
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    Hardwood Bokken practice samurai sword c1262

    • UPC: 147240079
    • Model: c1262
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Male Samurai Miniature Visions In Fantasy Dark Sword Miniatures

    DSM7412 Male Samurai Miniature Visions In Fantasy Dark Sword Miniatures All miniatures come unpainted and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only. - Dark Sword Miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale- Premium Metal Fantasy Miniatures- Crafted in lead-free pewter.- This miniature does not include base. Please Note: Dark Sword Miniatures are made of soft metal that may bend in the packaging or during shipment. This is normal and is easily corrected by bending the item back into place. Many miniatures must also be glued together such as certain limbs and weapons. Neither of these conditions
    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    Male Samurai Miniature Visions In Fantasy Dark Sword Miniatures

    • UPC: 486743956
    • Color: UnpaintedBeige

  • Cold Steel - Warrior Series Japanese Swords

    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    Our groundbreaking Emperor Series swords proved a huge hit with our customers. Their phenomenal cutting performance and durability took the industry by storm. However, we were aware that some of o...
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    Affordable Katana (Samurai Sword) Destruction Test

    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    High carbon steel blade, full tang, affordable katana (commonly known as Samurai Sword) with hand sharpened edge. Now see how this perform in a destruction test with chopping DRY newspaper and flye...
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    Best Katanas For Sale 2019

    Battle Ready Samurai Swords
    Check product details and prices, click the link provided ... # 1 Handmade 1060 High Carbon Steel Replica Japanese Samurai Sword Real Katana Mikazuki Munech...
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