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  • Fluke 80K-40 High Voltage Probe

    The 80K-40 is a high voltage probe designed to extend the voltage measuring capability of an AC/DC voltmeter to 40, 000 volts peak AC or DC Overvoltage Category I. This means the probe can only be used to make measurements on energy limited circuits within equipment. Examples include high voltage within televisions or photo copy machines. DO NOT use this probe to measure high voltages on power distribution systems. The probe provides high accuracy when used with a voltmeter having 10 Megohm input impedance
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B000LDQ672
    • Brand: Fluke
    • UPC: 013161043021

  • Cal Test Electronics CT2700 High Voltage Digital Multimeter Probe, 40 kV / 28 kV Voltage

    The CT2700 high voltage DMM probe allows a standard digit multimeter to measure voltages up to 40 kV (DC + AC peak) or 28kVrms AC. With a divider ratio of 1000 to 1, a voltage of 1000 V will read 1 V on the meter. Output is through 4 mm sheathed banana plugs. Minimum meter input impedance is 10 Mohm. Accuracy +/-1 percent to 20 kV DC. Meets IEC 61010-1 CATI. Temperature coefficient: 200 ppm/degree C. Temperature: 0 to +50 degree C.
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B009QBFG8K
    • Brand: Cal Test Electronics

  • AMZVASO - P7300 300MHz High Impedance Oscilloscope Probe Alligator Clip Test Probe Oscilloscope Logic Analyser High Voltage Probe

    - 100% Brand new and High quality!- Electronic tool equipment smart-family. The product as described in the picture.- "Excellent quality, fast delivery, simple after-sales" We make every effort to provide customers with satisfactory service.- 80% conventional orders will be delivered within 10-20 days.- Please note that the products are only offered by the brand: AMZVASO. Other sales people is not reliable.
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B07DSDQ926
    • Brand: AMZVASO
    • UPC: 692636238447

  • Akozon High Voltage Differential Probe DP20003 Oscilloscope 5600V 100M Oscilloscope Probe Kit-3.5ns Rise Time-200X/2000X Attenuation-Overroad Alarm

    Specifications: Model: DP20003 Bandwidth: 100MHz Rise time: 3.5ns Attenuation: 200X, 2000X Range selection: 50X-500X Accuracy: ±2% Maximum input differential voltage (DC+AC  PK-PK:  560V(200 x), 5600V(2000 x) Maximum input common mode voltage: CAT  2  1000V Reference noise: ≤160mV rms(200X), ≤920mV rms(2000X) CMRR: >80dB(DC), >60dB(100KHz), >50dB(1MHz) Output voltage: ≤3V Overroad alarm: button light flashes Power supply: DC 5V, USB supply Power: 0.85w Size: 14.5*6.0*2.7cm/5.7*2.4*1.1in Input cable length: approx. 60cm / 23.62in Output cable length: approx. 90cm / 35.43in Weight: 943g Package included: 1...
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B07F3GLNP5
    • Brand: Akozon
    • UPC: 715538040762

  • Power Probe III w/Case & Acc - Fire (PP319FIRE) [Car Automotive Diagnostic Test Tool, Digital Volt Meter, AC/DC Current Resistance, Circuit Tester]

    Power Supply to Activate Electronic Components, Power and Ground Feed, High Impedance Circuit Tester, Digital Volt Meter and Diagnostic Tester Modes, Case and Accessories.
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B005MVB3OY
    • Color: Fire
    • Brand: Power Probe
    • UPC: 878253001323

  • Cal Test Electronics GE3425 High Voltage Oscilloscope Probe with a 100 Mohm Input Impedance, 100 MHz Bandwidth, 3.5 ns Risetime

    The GE Series is a high quality, easy to use family of 5mm passive voltage oscilloscope probes in stylish, slim-line bodies. The series features superior input impedances for enhanced measurement performance when compared to other oscilloscope probes. It is a high voltage, high accuracy 100x passive voltage probe with a 100 mohms input impedance. The low voltage coefficient (VCR) allows for a 1 percent accuracy at high voltage measurements. Bandwidth: 100 MHz. Attenuation: 100x. Input Impedance: 100 mega ohms. Input Capacitance: =5 pF. Output Impedance: 1 mega ohms. Risetime: 3.5 ns. IEC Rating: 4,000 Volt CAT I. Compensation: 10-30 pF. Volta...
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B009QC1WYG
    • Brand: Cal Test Electronics

  • Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 Value Waterproof pH Pocket Tester, ±0.1 pH Accuracy, 0-14.0 pH Range

    "The PH20 Value pH Tester is designed for all kinds of regular pH test applications, including hydroponics, pools and spas, water treatment, aquariums, aquaculture, beer brewing, winemaking, cooling towers, etc. Up to 3 points of auto. calibration and 0 to 50˚C Auto temperature compensation (ATC), ±0.1 pH Accuracy with 0 to 14.0 pH measuring range; auto. recognition and auto. indication of stable readings saves you the trouble of guessing when to manually hold measurement. The PH20 meter comes in a rugged case with pre-mixed 1oz bottles of pH 4 and pH 7 calibration solutions (good for 10-15 times of calibration). With a clear large screen, ...
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B01ENFOHN8
    • Brand: Apera Instruments, LLC
    • UPC: 858718006339

  • Micsig DP10013 Differential High Voltage Probe, 1300V 100MHz 3.5ns Rise Time 50X/500X Attenuation Rate, Tektronix P5200A P5205A P5210A

    Note: We have upgraded the probes for higher quality, they are different from other ones on amazon, please see the detailed in images. You can buy a better oscilloscope probe kit with same money, just buy it. Test, Evaluate & Tinker with Your Oscilloscope Micsig high voltage differential probes DP series are designed for the measurement of high voltage differential signal, to meet the demand for floating measurement. It has 50MHz and 100MHz two models, and has two kinds of different attenuation ranges: 500X, indicate the maximum test voltage is 1300V; 50X presents maximum test voltage is 130V. Designed for professionals and experts alike, ...
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B0795XQR68
    • Color: Micsig differential probe
    • Brand: CHPOWER
    • UPC: 604348976470

  • B&K Precision PR 28A High Voltage DMM Probe, 40kV, X1000 Attenuation, 60Hz, 48" Length

    The BK Precision PR-28A is a High Voltage Digital Multimeter Probe. The BK Precision PRM-28A is capable of taking measurements at either 40k VDC or 20kVac Max input voltage with and attenuation of x1,000, making it an affordable addition to any electrician's toolset.
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B004PA02Q8
    • Brand: B&K Precision
    • UPC: 817050780284

  • Dual Electronics BP1204 12 inch illumiNITE High Performance Studio Enclosed Car Subwoofers with 1,100 Watts of Peak Power

    Dual Electronics BP1204 12 inch illumiNITE High Performance Studio Enclosed Subwoofers with 1,100 Watts of Peak Power is a force to be reckoned with. Your high performance subs were engineered specifically with you in mind. The specialized tuned port with computer aided design and 2.5” Voice Coils vastly increases output efficiency for your subwoofers providing you with consistent low sounding bass. Its computer-tuned acoustic chambers delivers up to 1,100 Watts of Peak Power, 600 Watts RMS at a 4 Ohm impedance and Frequency Range between 30Hz – 200Hz for unmatched output efficiency that suffices even bass enthusiasts. Your curved plexigl...
    High Impedance Probe

    • ASIN: B000UTMDOC
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dual Electronics
    • UPC: 014444936764

  • Scope Probe 100MHz x1, x10, High-impedance (1M omega shunted by 20pF) oscilloscope probe By Elenco From USA

    Product description 100MHz Scope Probe, Switchable. This is the NEW "E" version which replaced the D version. From the Manufacturer Scope Probe, Switchable, 100Mhz - The P-2E - is a passive, high-impedance oscilloscope probe designed and calibrated for use with instruments having an input impedance of 1M omega shunted by 20pF. However, it may be compensated for use with instruments having an input capacitance of 10 to 35pF. The probe incorporates a two position slide switch in the head which selects attenuation of x1, x10 position. Includes minigrabber, insulating tip, adjusting tool, channel identifier clips and IC tip. Length -
    High Impedance Probe
    High-impedance (1M omega shunted by 20pF) oscilloscope probeMay be used with instruments having an input capacitance of 10 to 35pFTwo position slide switch in the head which selects attenuation of x1, x10 positionIncludes minigrabber, insulating tip, adjusting tool, channel identifier clips and IC tip Length - 60, made in TaiwanFor 30 years Elenco has been using their strong engineering and design skills to develop reliable, affordable electronic test equipment, tools, and educational

    • UPC: 875861261

  • Probe Technology Breakdown - Oscilloscope Front End Design (part 6)

    High Impedance Probe
    Learn how probes are designed! Learn about acquisition board layout and ADC infrastructure! Click to subscribe! ► ◄ Part 1: What is an Oscilloscope?
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    EEVblog #453 - Mysteries of x1 Oscilloscope Probes Revealed

    High Impedance Probe
    Dave cracks out the whiteboard and side cutters to explain two lesser known facts about x1 oscilloscope probes: - Why the bandwidth is much lower in x1 mode than x10 mode - Why oscilloscope probe ...
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    #142: Basics of High Voltage Probes and how to use them

    High Impedance Probe
    The basics of old-school high voltage probes that are used with multimeters, VTVMs and DMMs. The basic theory of operation, construction and use of these probes is presented. Some cautions about ...
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