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  • Alaska Smoked Salmon, Sockeye, Wild, 16 Oz. Filet

    Alaska wild salmon is known worldwide as the best quality salmon available. It is noted for its deep red color and firm moist flesh. Unlike lox or gravlax (which is salted, cold cured, softer and tends to come pre-sliced), our salmon is first brined, then hot smoked over an alder wood fire which makes it moist, flaky and just a touch sweeter. The 1 lb fillet is heat-sealed in a foil pouch and in its own natural juice, which adds great flavor to dips, spreads, omelets, frittatas, quiches, pasta dishes and other favorite recipes. From the icy waters of Alaska, this fish is GMO-free and there are no nitrates added. Certified Kosher, high protein...
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B00OIB72NU
    • Brand: Fairhaven Bay Seafoods
    • UPC: 616316377868

  • Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Sockeye Salmon Fillet In Gold, 8 Ounce Gift Box

    Deliver a gift of pure Alaskan gold with the Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Sockeye Salmon. Sockeye is the best-known Northwest smoked salmon for its deep red color, exceptionally rich flavor, and firm texture.This fresh salmon is delivered to the Alaska Smokehouse in Alaska just a few days after being caught. The sockeye fish are then hand filleted, soaked in traditional Native American brine, hot smoked over alder wood fires to succulent perfection, and carefully sealed to lock in the fresh salmon's rich flavor. This award-winning gift box is the perfect presentation for the gourmet smoked salmon.Alaska Smokehouse Sockeye Salmon Fillets are koshe...
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B001EHEDKG
    • Brand: Alaska Smokehouse
    • UPC: 023882630813

  • Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Fillet In Green, 16 Ounce Gift Box

    Our Alaska Smokehouse Natural Smoked Salmon is characterized by a light pink color, fine texture and mild flavor. After being delivered to our smokehouse in Alaska within days of being caught, only the best salmon are selected for smoking. Once they are selected, the salmon are hand-filleted and soaked in a traditional Native American brine to then be hot smoked over alder wood fires. It goes through the smoke process to carry the brine throughout the entire salmon, making it one of the best tasting smoked salmon products on the market today. Finally, each fillet is inspected before it is sealed in a gold foil pouch, known as a retort, lockin...
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B001EHEDKQ
    • Brand: Alaska Smokehouse
    • UPC: 023882630905

  • Smoked Salmon Trio, 22 Oz in Wood Legacy Gift Box

    We use only the freshest, wild Alaska sockeye and delicious pink salmon from the frigid waters of the Northern Pacific. Unlike lox or gravlax portions, which are cold cured and come thinly sliced, or jerky which is simply dried, our fillet pieces are brined in a special brine using our unique blend of spices, and then slowly smoked over a traditional alder wood fire. Packaged in 3 individual foil pouches containing 8 oz. natural smoked sockeye, 8 oz. natural smoked pink and 6 oz. peppered sockeye for that extra zesty taste. Our products are Certified Kosher and have NO PRESERVATIVES. Each juicy fillet piece is rich in healthy omega 3 oils, ma...
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B009BTIJ22
    • Brand: Fairhaven Bay Seafoods
    • UPC: 713757137911

  • Premium Wild Canadian Pacific Smoked Candied Pink Peppercorn Salmon Fillet Gift

    Wild Caught Canadian Smoked Pink Salmon Made From Wild Salmon Caught Off the Coast of British Columbia Canada! You have to try this! Are you looking for an amazingly tasty salmon treat? This is finest pink smoked salmon cured in maple and hot smoked to perfection then topped off with delicious peppercorns. Our pink salmon is preserved in gold foil vacuum sealed to keep the freshness and flavor locked in. Our Canadian salmon is top quality fished off the coast of BC. Finally a Healthy Treat Packed and Ready To Eat Candied Pink Smoked Salmon Filets are our tastiest most versatile seafood product. If you have some fish lovers are your place we ...
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B07L48BR7F
    • Brand: Jet Set Sam
    • UPC: 743755901252

  • Smoked Sockeye Salmon, 16 Oz. Filet, Wooden Legacy Box

    Wild sockeye salmon fillet from the icy waters of Alaska is one of the tastiest seafood products you can buy. Unlike lox or gravlax, which are salted and cold-cured, or jerky, which is simply dried, our smoked sockeye salmon is a full fillet that is first brined and then slow-smoked over an alder wood fire which gives it a deep, smoky flavor. Rich in healthy, natural Omega 3 oils and high in protein, salmon is a healthy, nutritious addition to your diet. Wild-caught (not farmed) from pristine Alaskan waters, and smoked, cured and packaged in Bellingham, Washington, our Certified Kosher product comes in a convenient foil pouch that is heat-sea...
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B009VNZEEE
    • Brand: Fairhaven Bay Seafoods
    • UPC: 713757138017

  • Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon, 32 Ounce

    Our popular two pound pack of naturally wild smoked salmon contains two 16 ounce fillets of premium Alaskan smoked salmon. All of our salmon is wild caught off of the coast of Alaska using marine safety council certified sustainable methods. These fillets are all natural and only contain salmon, salt, spices, and real alder wood smoke.
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B00CVTJA9K
    • Brand: Alaska Smokehouse
    • UPC: 023882740130

  • Epic Snack Strips, Smoked Salmon Maple, 0.8 oz. (10 Count)

    An upgraded version of the snack stick, our premium meat strips are created using high quality animal protein, clean seasonings, and simple dehydration. The end product is a tender and flavorful snack guaranteed to satisfy your inner carnivore. Loaded with nourishing protein, EPIC Snack Strips are inspired by the wild and free spirit of the majestic animals they are sourced from.
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B071QWVMTB
    • Brand: Epic
    • UPC: 732153031739

  • Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Duo in Foil Original, Sockeye, 32 Ounce

    Are you hungry for smoked salmon but find it too hard to decide which salmon to choose? Then try our wild caught smoked salmon two-pack sampler! Now receive 16oz of Smoked Salmon Natural Style and 16oz of our Smoked Salmon Sockeye Style. Our Smoked Salmon Natural Style is smoked in our traditional Native American brine and characterized by a light pink color, fine texture and mild flavor. Our Smoked Salmon Sockeye Style, the best-known northwestern salmon, has an exceptionally rich flavor, reddish color, and firm texture. No preservatives, coloring, oils, or artificial ingredients are ever added to these fillets. These fillets are Hot Smoked ...
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B00CVTJA2C
    • Brand: Alaska Smokehouse
    • UPC: 023882740123

  • SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio, 18-Ounce Box

    Wild salmon from the pristine icy cold waters of the Pacific Northwest.
    Hot Smoked Salmon

    • ASIN: B000P0VRW0
    • Brand: SeaBear
    • UPC: 034507030048

  • (2 Pack) Bumble Bee Premium Smoked Coho Salmon in Oil, 3.75oz Can

    Bumble Bee Premium Smoked Coho Salmon in Oil, Ready to Eat Salmon, High Protein Food is a premium salmon with a rich, delicious flavor. This product is ideal for most recipes that call for salmon. Bumble Bee Premium Smoked Coho Salmon in Oil can be used in dishes ranging from a cool refreshing salad to a warm pasta. Bumble Bee is an advocate for living a healthier lifestyle and offers a variety of recipes to support your Health & Wellness goals. You can find all of our delicious recipes and more on the Bumble Bee
    Hot Smoked Salmon
    Each serving contains 20g of proteinWild CaughtRestaurant quality fillets3.75oz can

    • UPC: 47227778
    • Rating: 4.625

  • (2 Pack) Chicken of The Sea Wild Skinless Boneless Smoked Salmon, 3 oz Pouch

    Prepare a nice and hearty meal by using Chicken of the Sea Premium Wild-Caught Smoked Salmon. It is wild caught from the clean, clear waters of the Pacific where it lives in abundance. This 3-oz Chicken of the Sea salmon has been naturally wood smoked with the finest flavors, to complement any recipe or to be savored on its own. It is almost completely fat free, and it is an outstanding source of protein. Chicken of the Sea Premium Wild-Caught Smoked Salmon is skinless and boneless for your convenience.Chicken of the Sea Premium Wild-Caught Smoked
    Hot Smoked Salmon
    The Best SalmonReady to EatReady to ServeHeart Healthy Omega-3*

    • UPC: 47227787
    • Rating: 4.25

  • (2 Pack) Double "Q" Wild Caught Alaskan Pink Salmon, 14.75 oz Can

    Alaska Seafoodî, Wild, Natural & Sustainable.A natural source of omega-3*; "Quality & Quantity".Recipe: Grilled Alaska Salmon
    Hot Smoked Salmon
    Premium 100% natural quality.Alaska Seafood.Wild, Natural & Sustainable.A natural source of omega-3*.3 Cans of 14.75

    • UPC: 47224373
    • Rating: 4.455

  • (3 Pack) Chicken of The Sea Skinless Boneless Wild Pink Salmon, 5 oz Pouch

    This best seller is slightly leaner than our Traditional Styleâ??enjoy the deliciously mild flavor in a convenient, flavor-fresh
    Hot Smoked Salmon
    Product FeaturesNaturally 97% fat freeNaturally high in proteinThe best salmonFresh taste. no drain!Premium wild-caughtReady to eat ready to serveKosher - PareveFind great recipes at: www.chickenofthesea.comwww.chickenofthesea.comÃÂÃÂÃÂâÂÂÃÂâ â≢ÃÂÃÂÃÂâÃÂâââ‡ÃÂìÃÂâ¦ÃÂáÃÂÃÂÃÂâÂÂÃÂâââÂÂìÃÂáÃÂÃÂââ‡ÃÂâÂÂÃÂé 2014 Chicken of the Sea

    • UPC: 47227780
    • Rating: 4.82

  • Bumble Bee Wild Alaska Red Salmon, 14.75 Ounce Can, Wild Caught, High Protein Food and Snacks

    Hot Smoked Salmon
    SALMON: Red salmon (also called Sockeye Salmon) have a rosy color and a rich, delicious flavor.CONVENIENT PACKAGING: 14.75-ounce can of BUMBLE BEE Wild Alaska Red Salmon.QUALITY IN EVERY CAN: BUMBLE BEE Wild Alaska Red Salmon is the perfect choice for all your salmon and seafood recipes and is a reliable keto food and keto snack for those on a ketogenic (keto) diet.SNACK HEALTHY: Enjoy BUMBLE BEE Wild Alaska Red Salmon as a great-tasting, protein-packed snack, healthy lunch or as part of any other meal.BUMBLE BEE SALMON: Compare to other salmon products, tuna packets, Starkist tuna pouch, SPAM Singles, tuna in

    • UPC: 10309544
    • Model: 12231
    • Size: 14.75 fl oz
    • Rating: 4.414

  • Hot Smoked Salmon

    Hot Smoked Salmon
    Chef Tom hot smokes some beautiful, quick-cured, wild Sockeye salmon on the Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill! Full recipe: Featured products: Yoder Sm...
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    Smoked Salmon Recipe - How to Smoke Salmon

    Hot Smoked Salmon
    Chef Jason Hill shows you how to make smoked salmon in this episode of "Chef Tips." This smoked salmon recipe is a "hot smoked salmon," made by smoking salmon over low heat on the Green Mountain G...
    smoked salmon,how to smoke salmon,smoked salmon recipe,dry brine for smoked salmon,Smoking (cooki...

    Maple-Cured Smoked King Salmon - Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke

    Hot Smoked Salmon
    As seen on Season Three of Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke. For broadcast information, recipes and more: