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  • Musical Math: Volume 1 CD

    Musical Math helps kids learn the vocabulary associated with many primary math concepts, including: counting to 100, sorting, patterning, comparing sets (more, less, and equal), skip counting, coin recognition, estimation, addition, and subtraction. The songs are short, fun, and catchy. Concepts covered are: 1-100, I Can Sort, Position Words, More, Less, Equal, AB Pattern, ABC Pattern, AAB Pattern, What Comes Next?, Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Estimate, Count By 10's, Count by 2's, Count by 5's, Sphere, Cube, Cone, Addition, Addition Doubles, 5 + 2, 2 + 3, 2 + 4, 3 + 4, 5 + 3, 6 + 3, 6 + 4, Anything Plus Zero, Mix It Up, Subtraction, Bonus ...
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: 0984564128

  • Count, Add, Subtract! Fun With Math, Music, and Movement

    A colorful variety of musical styles make basic addition and subtraction facts easy to learn. The songs strike a balance between problem solving and memorization with an emphasis on developing mathematical thinking skills. Each song focuses on a skill or problem solving strategy including counting forward and backward, adding and subtracting one, doubles facts, doubles plus one, skip counting, combinations that equal ten, and fact families. By learning key strategies children can quickly answer basic facts through reason and logic while developing a deeper understanding of mathematics. Ultimately, the strategies help children memorize the fac...
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: B00CI8RUBE
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Educational Activities
    • UPC: 600038011803

  • Movin' 2 Math

    Math Cd

    • ASIN: B005IXCF02
    • UPC: 636723330447

  • Musical Math: Volume 2 CD

    Musical Math Volume Two was written to help children learn primary Common Core math concepts in a fun and active way! Songs include both time-honored math concepts such as telling time, measuring, putting numbers in order, and three-dimensional shapes, as well as many newer Common Core concepts, such as using a Rekenrek, subitizing, decomposing numbers, and counting on in addition. Most math text books now use the words "greater than" and "fewer than" rather than "more" and "less," so we now have a song on what those words mean. We have also found that many first graders are expected to count by threes now, so we have included a song to help ...
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: B00VU3RBF8
    • UPC: 639767456678

  • Reader Rabbit Personalized Math Ages 6 - 9 Deluxe (2 CDs)

    Help Sam the Lion and Reader Rabbit rebuild their boat on the mysterious and funny Pirate Island. Help repair the ship, give the pirates the slip, and compete in a wacky boat race. Along the way, you have all kinds of fun with numbers as you practice your skills and develop math confidence. Skills List: Adding & Subtracting Multiplying & Dividing Counting Money Estimating Telling Time Creating Fractions Solving Equations Number Patterns Place Values Identifying Inequalities Early Geometry Measuring Area & Length Measuring Weight Number Lines Drawing Shapes Greater Than/Less Than Special Features: 29 Intera...
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: B0002667AO
    • Brand: The Learning Company
    • UPC: 611101880905

  • Saxon Math 8/7 with Prealgebra (Kit: Text, Test/Worksheets, Solutions Manual)

    Saxon Math 8/7 is made up of five instructional components: Warm up Activities including Facts Practice, Mental Math, and Problem Solving; Daily Lesson; Lesson Practice; Cumulative Practice; and Cumulative Tests. The new edition includes: word problems, scientific notation, statistics and probability, ratios and proportions, simplifying and balancing equations, factoring algebraic expressions, slope-intercept form, graphing linear inequalities, arcs and sectors, and the Pythagorean theorem. The Homeschool Kit includes the student textbook, a tests and worksheets booklet, and a solutions manual. Grade 7.
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: 1591413508
    • Brand: Saxon Publishers

  • Math All Around Me

    24 track audio cd. Songs are: 1)Shake Your Hands, 2)This Old Man, 3)The Alligator Chomp, 4)Body Math, 5)I'm a Circle, 6)I'm a Square, 7)Shake Your Shape, 8)Show Me How You Move, 9)Birthdays, 10)Head & Shoulders, Baby, 11)Roll Over, 12)Today, Yesterday, & Tomorrow, 13)Math All Around Me, 14)Goin' On a Treasure Hunt, 15)Animal Fingers, 16)More Body Math, 17)Make a Pattern 1, 18)Count By 2's, 19)Count By 5's, 20)Countdown to Blastoff, 21)Counting On, 22)30 Days Has September, 23)Make a Pattern 2, 24)Math in Motion. Skills and activities included are: shape recognition, patterning, basic counting skills, addition and subtraction, calendar skills,...
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: B000OJK74Q
    • UPC: 636723456789

  • Carson-Dellosa CD-140307 Math File Folder Game, Grade 2, 16 Games, 19 Sheets of Cards (Pack of 35)

    Perfect for use in centers or for individual practice, these fun and engaging file folder games are aligned with Common Core State Standards for curriculum reinforcement. Features include 16 full color game boards with coordinating game pieces and a 24 page resource guide., For ages 7 - 8, 16 games, 19 sheets of cards, For grade 2.
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: B07CMMT6DV
    • Brand: Carson-Dellosa

  • Math Camp

    Math Cd

    • ASIN: B07HSK3DVY
    • UPC: 700261466262

  • Saxon Teacher for Math 8/7, 3rd Edition

    Covers the content from the Math 8/7 Homeschool Kit, including instruction for every part of every lesson, as well as complete solutions for every example problem, practice problem, problem set, and test problem. Videos for each investigation are included as well. The user-friendly CD format offers students helpful navigation tools within a customized player and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
    Math Cd

    • ASIN: 1602773904

  • Wrath of the Math (CD)

    Details Coming Soon
    Math Cd
    Wrath of the Math (CD)

    • UPC: 130398084

  • Harmonograph : A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music. by Anthony Ashton

    Ashton presents a short, illustrated introduction to the evolution of simple harmonic theory.
    Math Cd
    The first paperback of this bestselling book on the mathematics of music. Anthony Ashton explains why notes which sound good together also look good together. The book covers Pythagorean just and equal-tempered tuning systems with additional details on the Pythagorean comma and the comma of Didymus. All made simple and easy with beautiful drawings and old engravings printed at ridiculously high-resolution on 100 per cent recycled papers with holographic foil

    • UPC: 273464279
    • Rating: 4.333

  • Practice, Assess, Diagnose: 180 Days of Math for Second Grade (Grade 2): Practice, Assess, Diagnose [with Cdrom] (Other)

    The Practice Assess Diagnose 180 Days of Math for Second Grade book provides second grade teachers and parents with 180 daily practice activities that help build and gauge students' mathematical fluency. Each problem is tied to a specific mathematical concept. Students gain regular practice through these quick, diagnostic-based activities. Data-driven assessment tips are provided, and the Teacher Resource CD includes assessment analysis resources. This resource is correlated to the Common Core State Standards and aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. It also supports core concepts of STEM
    Math Cd
    Support second-grade students with 180 daily practice activities to build mathematical fluency of key grade-level skills. Parents and teachers will find these easy-to-use activities perfect for use in school or at

    • UPC: 15697469
    • Model: 50805
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 18180 Days of Math, Grade 2

  • Harmonograph : A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music

    Ashton presents a short, illustrated introduction to the evolution of simple harmonic theory.
    Math Cd
    Harmonograph examines the remarkable and mathematical beauty in sound and music.During the nineteenth century, a remarkable scientific instrument known as a harmonograph revealed the beautiful patterns found in music. Harmonograph is an introduction to the evolution of simple harmonic theory, from the discoveries of Pythagoras to diatonic tuning and equal temperament. Beautiful drawings show the octave as triangle, the fifth as pentagram; diagrams show the principles of harmonics, overtones, and the monochord. Anthony Ashton examines the phenomenon of resonance in Chladni patterns, describes how to build a harmonograph of your own, and provides tables of world tuning systems. This inspiring

    • UPC: 2077697
    • Rating: 4.333

  • The Music of the Primes: Why an unsolved problem in mathematics matters (Paperback)

    Books : The Music of the Primes: Why an unsolved problem in mathematics matters (Paperback)
    Math Cd
    The paperback of the critically-acclaimed popular science book by a writer who is fast becoming a celebrity

    • UPC: 470532167
    • Rating: 4.0

  • RdB #159: OK vs SE

    Math Cd
    Rapport de Bataille 9ème âge (v2): Ogre Khans vs Sylvan Elves
    9th age

    Interview Croisée: Math-CD / Team 9ème âge

    Math Cd
    interview croisée avec un membre du team 9ème âge.
    9th age

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