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  • Medalta: A study for the rehabilitation and reuse of the Medalta Potteries, Medicine Hat, Alberta

    Medalta Potteries

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  • Beginner's Guide to Pottery & Ceramics : Everything you need to know to start making beautiful ceramics

    Originally published in 2005 as Pottery Basics.
    Medalta Potteries
    Clay is an exciting material that has been used to make both practical and decorative items since prehistoric times. With this practical guidebook, learn all the skills you need to start creating your own beautiful ceramics. Step-by-step photographs and clear instructions will guide you through the core techniques, including pinching and coiling and throwing and trimming. Discover inspirational projects as your skills progress, from simple coiled vases with painted decoration to marbled clay boxes with transparent glazes. Learn how to decorate and fire your clay vessels with myriad textures, using methods such as inlays, slips, sgraffito, feathering, burnishing and resist. Following the

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  • Ten Thousand Years of Pottery

    The finest history of pottery available, this book offers an inspirational journey through one of the oldest and most widespread of human
    Medalta Potteries
    Pottery making is one of the oldest and most widespread of human activities, with a history that can be traced back to the Stone Age. Stylistic and technical changes over time reveal a great deal about the societies in which the pottery was made, so that clay vessels serve as essential cultural and dating indicators, as well as objects of individual skill and creativity. This lavishly illustrated and comprehensive account begins with the earliest civilizations of the Near East and Middle East and follows the production of pottery chronologically around the globe, from the Mediterranean and the Orient to the

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  • Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed : The Secrets of Handbuilding Shown in Unique Cutaway Photography

    Atkin takes the mystery out of hand-building by showing precisely what happens at each point in the process. Simple, creative projects clearly illuminate coil, slab, molds, and pinch techniques--all demonstrated in clear step-by-step
    Medalta Potteries
    The brand-new edition of this very popular how-to book for potters is bigger and better than ever. It has gone up in page count from the first edition to accommodate additional projects with instructions for making them, and also features an expanded gallery of handsome color photos showing examples of finished pieces. Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed focuses on projects that produce good-looking and useful finished objects but don't require use of a potter's wheel. Author and expert potter Jacqui Atkin instructs in coil, slab, mold, and pinch techniques to produce pots, bowls, vases, tiles, and other decorative pieces. She also

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  • Complete Pottery Techniques : Design, Form, Throw, Decorate and More, with Workshops from Professional Makers

    "Design, form, throw, decorate, and more, with workshops from professional makers"--Cover.
    Medalta Potteries
    Discover how to develop your pottery design skills and bring your ideas to life from start to finish.Covering every technique from throwing pottery to firing, glazing to sgraffito, this pottery book is perfect for both hand-building beginners and potting pros.Step-by-step photographs - some from the potter's perspective - show you exactly where to place your hands when throwing so you can master every technique you need to know. Plus, expert tips help you rescue your pots when things go wrong.The next in the popular Artist's Techniques series, Complete Pottery is the ideal companion for pottery classes of any level, or

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  • Glazed & Confused: Pottery Project Book - 80 Project Sheets to Record your Ceramic Work - Gift for Potters (Paperback)

    This pottery project book has been created to help you to organize your projects and improve your pottery skills.This log book contains an index to find your projects and 40 double sheets that allow you to: sketch your creations keep track of the type of clay and the technique used take notes about glazing and firingThis project book makes a great gift for a potter or pottery
    Medalta Potteries
    Glazed & Confused: Pottery Project Book - 80 Project Sheets to Record your Ceramic Work - Gift for Potters

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  • Medalta, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

    Medalta Potteries
    During the first half of the twentieth century, Medicine Hat, Alberta was the epicenter of a dominant Canadian ceramic ceramic industry. Today, most of the century-old brick & steel buildings are...
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    Medalta Potteries

    Medalta Potteries
    Medalta Potteries preserves the history of pottery in Western Canada. Medalta is a working pottery factory, museum and international artist studio.
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    Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat

    Medalta Potteries
    The Medalta Potteries site was a fixture of the Medicine Hat community for more than fifty years before shutting down for the final time in the latter half of the 1960s. After sitting abandoned an...
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