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  • Milwaukee 48-13-0600 Speed Feed Set (6-Piece)

    6 Piece Speed Feed Set. The Product is Easy to Use and Easy to Handle. The Product is Highly Durable. Made In China.
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • UPC: 045242224876

  • Milwaukee 48-13-4000 4 Piece Auger Set

    4 PC AUGER SET. The product is easy to use. The product is durable. The product is manufactured in China.
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B001T5L7H0
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • UPC: 826659242338

  • Milwaukee 49-22-4025 13-Piece General Purpose Hole Dozer Hole Saw Kit

    - Ice Hardened cryogenically treated for up to 50% longer life - Optimized tooth form for up to 2X faster cutting - Wide, angled and offset slots for easy plug access - Bi-metal construction with 8% cobalt for increased wear resistance - Quick Release Arbor
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B0045CSOIY
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • UPC: 045242224760

  • Milwaukee 48-13-3000 3 Piece Ship Auger Set

    3 PC SHIP AUGER SET. The product is easy to use. The product is durable. The product is manufactured in China.
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B001TVD9N4
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • UPC: 826659224648

  • MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOL 49-22-4025 General Purpose Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit, 13 Piece, 9" x 3.5" x 9"

    Milwaukee Ice Hardened products utilize a proprietary cryogenic hardening process that improves upon traditional heat treat processes. Unlike surface coatings that wear away, cryogenics harden to the core by minimizing soft Metal (austenite) and creating more hard Metal (martensite). The result is a product that is more consistently hard throughout, resulting in life up to 50% longer than the competition.
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B007P1OEUE
    • Brand: Milwaukee Electric Tool
    • UPC: 793945678655

  • Milwaukee 6370-21 13 Amp 8-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw

    SAW CIRC 8 13A METAL CUTTING CS. This powerful 13 Amp metal cutting saw features innovative dry-cut technology that provides faster, cleaner, and more affordable metal cutting. It has 120 Volt AC with 3700 RPM no-load speed and an exclusive quick-release blade shield latch as well as sight-line and blade point-of-entry indicators. The blade diameter is 8 inches, and it has 13amps and a 90 degree cutting depth. It has a right-side blade location, and a wrench and a case included.
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B0000WUQI4
    • Color: Red/Grey
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • UPC: 045242049530

  • Milwaukee 15 Piece Hole Saw Kit

    The Milwaukee 15 pc Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw kit features Rip Guard, an exceptionally strong tooth form backed by the Rip Guard Limited Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty. Each tooth is built with extra steel behind the cutting edge for added strength. This enhanced strength along with 8% cobalt help extend the life of the teeth, allowing for increased productivity on the job site as well as continued hole quality. The Hole Dozer also includes Plug Jack, an all-access slot design that allows for full access during plug removal. This provides access lower into the cup for thick material and higher towards the teeth for thin material. With multi...
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B018J7ORVI
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • UPC: 045242360451

  • Milwaukee 48-13-5750 3/4-by-18-Inch Ship Auger Bit

    The product is easy to use
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B0000224AL
    • Brand: Milwaukee
    • UPC: 045242092659

  • Milwaukee SAWZALL Demolition Wood and Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade Set (13 Piece) W/Free 9 in. AX Carbide Teeth Blade

    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B07NZVR5SF
    • UPC: 766210992336

  • Milwaukee 48-89-4631 Kit Tin Shockwave (23-Piece)

    A great addition to any toolbox or jobsite, Milwaukee’s 23-Piece Titanium Bit Kit includes a carrying case and bits in the following sizes: (2) 1/16" Titanium Shockwave, (2) 5/64" Titanium Shockwave, (1) 3/32" Titanium Shockwave, (2) 7/64" Titanium Shockwave, (2) 1/8" Titanium Shockwave, (1) 9/64" Titanium Shockwave, (2) 5/32" Titanium Shockwave, (1) 11/64" Titanium Shockwave (2) 3/16" Titanium Shockwave, (1) 13/64" Titanium Shockwave, (1) 7/32" Titanium Shockwave, (2) 1/4" Titanium Shockwave, (1) 5/16" Titanium Shockwave, (1) 3/8" Titanium Shockwave (1) 1/2" Titanium Shockwave. Engineered for impacts and drills, the bits are designed with ...
    Milwaukee 13 Piece

    • ASIN: B017Y7T2JG
    • Brand: Milwaukee Electric Tool
    • UPC: 045242353323

  • Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Red Helix Drill Bit Set (20-Piece)

    Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Red Helix Drill Bit Set (20-Piece)
    Milwaukee 13 Piece
    Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Red Helix Drill Bit Set (20-Piece)

    • UPC: 599438399

  • Milwaukee 48-32-4065 Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set (100-Piece)

    Milwaukkee shockwave impact duty driver bits are engineered to be most durable, best fitting driver bits on the market. The opitmized shockzone geometry is unique for each tip type to provide up to 30x more torque vs. other impact bits.The precise fit coutom machined tip prervente stripping and reduce wobble while the custom alloy 76 steet and proprietary heat treat maximizes resistance to wear and shock. shockwave driver bits are buit to driver exreme durabitity for the demanding
    Milwaukee 13 Piece
    OPTIMIZED SHOCKZONE Absorbs peak torque and prevents breakingShockzone geometry is unique for each tip type to provide up to 30x longer life and absorbs 3x more torque vs. other impact bitsPrecise Fit Custom Machined Tip prevents stripping and reduces wobble while the Custom Alloy76 Steel and proprietary heat treat process maximizes resistance to wear and

    • UPC: 554263044
    • Color: Red
    • Size: 100100-Piece Set

  • Milwaukee SPEED FEED 6-Piece Auger Bit Set

    Milwaukee SPEED FEED 6-Piece Auger Bit Set
    Milwaukee 13 Piece
    Made for drilling fast holes in clean wood. Double wing spurs cut clean holes for feeding wire or bolts through. Nonstick, polished and coated flutes provide fast chip removal. 1/4" power groove shank fits all 1/4" extensions. Set includes 1each, 6" long bits: 1/2" 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1",

    • UPC: 112911778
    • Model: 48-13-0600
    • Color: As shownOther

  • Milwaukee 4-Piece Spur Auger Bit Set

    Milwaukee 4-Piece Spur Auger Bit Set
    Milwaukee 13 Piece
    The best auger assortment for the industrial professional. Designed for electricians, plumbers, utilities, and any trade requiring fast, clean holes in wood. The double wing spurs continually scribe the hole producing smooth holes without breakout. The flutes are coated, which produces a nonstick surface for fast and smooth chip ejection. The shanks are also impact-rated for added durability and versatility. The 4-piece auger set kit contains 4 of the most common auger bit sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", and 1". The durable, roll up carrying case makes it easy to transport from 1 location to the next. Pouch has extra storage

    • UPC: 44105655
    • Model: 48-13-4000
    • Color: Multicolor

  • 13 Piece Hole-Saw Set - Milwaukee Electric 49-22-4025 Unboxing & First Use

    Milwaukee 13 Piece
    This set on the Milwaukee Electric Website: This Set on eBay:

    Milwaukee Quick Change Arbor and Hole Saw Kit Demonstration

    Milwaukee 13 Piece
    Milwaukee 49-22-4025 13 Piece General Purpose Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit - Hole Saw Sets - Milwaukee 49-56-7250 Large Quick Change Hole Saw Arbor 3/8" Shank: Quick...
    Saw,Demo,Hole Saw,Change,Milwaukee,Lithium Ion Brushless Compact Drill,Hole Saw Arbors,Quick Chan...

    Milwaukee & Diablo Bi Metal Hole Saw Set Review

    Milwaukee 13 Piece
    Review & Demonstration of Milwaukee 16 piece bi-metal hole saw Set and Diablo 9 Piece bi-metal Hole Saw Set with free 2 inch carbide tooth hole saw
    milwaukee milwaukee fuel Tool fien hole saw sets drills Diablo