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  • Mosaic Birds M047-301-R Hummble Bold Hummingbird Feeder Red

    Made of recycled glass and metal, the 7" Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder is sure to attract a large charm of these enchanting creatures. Use a single feeder or link several vertically to feed a flock. During the winter, store away the hummingbird lid and you'll have a feeder without drainage-perfect as a mealworm, jelly, or suet pellet container. It's sure to attract many song birds such as Blue Birds, Orioles, Juncos, and many more depending on your location and season. Arrives gift boxed and ready for giving. Hand-wash only.
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B01L9K7ESA
    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Couronne Company
    • UPC: 606469038679

  • Vivaterra Recycled Glass Tall La Fortuna Hummingbird Feeder - 13 H x 3 Dia

    Many bird watchers have a special love for hummingbirds, there's just so much power and personality packed in that tiny bundle of feathers. Our line of 100% handcrafted blown glass feeders are specifically designed to attract Hummingbirds year after year. The patent pending gondola offers the perfect feeding ports and the beautiful glass reservoirs make it easy to monitor the nectar levels and detach easily from the feeder base for quick cleaning and filling. Each unique feeder is one of a kind just like the beautiful hummingbirds that will frequent them. Artisans salvage soda bottles, melting them down and using the 100% recycled glass to cr...
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B07L1BMW72
    • Color: Speckled Multi
    • Brand: Vivaterra
    • UPC: 817892012628

  • Romantic Decor and More Decorative Hummingbird Wild Bird Feeder, Glass Bird Seed Dish, G423F - 1 Hanging Garden Bird Food Dish

    Hummingbirds are sure to flock to this recycled glass and metal bird feeder with vibrant red lid. Simply lift the glass lid and pour hummingbird nectar into the dish. During the winter, store away the hummingbird lid and it becomes a feeder without drainage ideal for holding mealworms, jelly, or suet pellets. Now it's ready to attract Blue Birds, Orioles, Juncos, and beloved Songbirds. Use individually or link vertically to feed more birds. Hand-wash only. All colored items are painted and baked with lead free paint. Variations in color may exist. Wash by hand ONLY with warm soapy water. We will replace damaged items within 30 days. Buyer wil...
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B00WIT6UFA
    • Color: Red/Clear
    • Brand: Romantic Decor and More
    • UPC: 609408790324

  • Couronne Company Mosaic Birds Glass M045-301 Hummingbird Feeder with Metal Parasol Umbrella Ant Moat

    Hummingbirds are sure to flock to this recycled glass and metal bird feeder with vibrant red lid. Simply lift the glass lid and pour hummingbird nectar into the dish. During the winter, store away the hummingbird lid and it becomes a feeder without drainage ideal for holding mealworms, jelly, or suet pellets. Now it's ready to attract Blue Birds, Orioles, Juncos, and beloved Songbirds. Use individually or link vertically to feed more birds. Make your outdoor spaces more alluring with this glass hummingbird feeder that attracts the smallest bird in the world. This hummingbird feeder has 4 feeding ports and holds 3.4 ounces of nectar. The clear...
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B07QR148W1
    • Brand: Couronne Company

  • Parasol Hummingbird Feeder Mini Droplet Hand Blow Recycled Glass Assorted Colors (Red19)

    "Droplet" Mini Blown-glass Hummingbird Feeder By PAR*A*Sol. This blown-glass mini hummingbird feeder is made of recycled glass and is made in Mexico. This feeder measures approximately 2.75" round x 3.25" tall (from the bottom of the feeder up to the top of the blown-glass hanging loop). This spherical feeder comes with a patented blown-glass red flower shaped feeder tube and a 2.25" "S" shaped metal hook, perfect for hanging! This feeder is perfect for holding the nectar recipe that is described on the item's original tag. Small imperfections, bubbles, and pits are normal, because they are hand blown. **Hummingbirds and nectar are NOT includ...
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B07PX3X7P6
    • Color: Red19
    • Brand: Par*A*Sol
    • UPC: 619843093645

  • More Birds Glory Hummingbird Feeder, 13-Ounce Capacity, 5 Ports, Copper

    The Classic Brands Glory Copper Hummingbird Feeder features a glass bottle and decorative brushed copper finish to add elegance to your yard. The five durable metal perches attract more hummingbirds, and the 13-ounce capacity provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and coming back for more. The wide opening and detachable flat base make filling and cleaning easy.
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B007G2P0FA
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: More Birds
    • UPC: 815562013401

  • Juegoal 12 oz Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

    Juegoal Hummingbird Feeder designed with brass hanging rod opening, can be hung the feeder on the hook or tree. Twelve tips easily slide onto the feeding ports on the underside of the feeder cover. Twelve tips create a barrier that flying insects can not penetrate. Built-in moat prevent nectar contamination effectively Note: When the capacity of the nectar in the box is reduced to half, you should add nectar in time. The Hummingbird Feeder should be cleaned every week. If the weather is warm, clean it to be more frequent. satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B073PW85MK
    • Color: Round 12oz
    • Brand: Juegoal
    • UPC: 724190820032

  • Parasol BW4SHCL Bouquet Basketweave Shelter Hummingbird Feeder Clear

    Parasol's Pagoda style rustic tin roof shelters a specially designed Basketweave Feeder with four feeding stations in Clear. Holds 16-ounce of hummingbird nectar. Measures 9.5 by 12. Instructions are on the hangtag. This gorgeous feeder is made with recycled glass and is a lovely addition to your garden or patio.
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B00350OD0A
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: PARASOL
    • UPC: 816641009278

  • Kitras Van Glow Hummingbird Feeder Glass Ornament, Blue/Green

    Bring life to your garden with sparkling color combinations dancing across the surface of a hand-blown Hummingbird Feeder. Each one is an original an functional token of friendship.
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B0097082WW
    • Color: Blue/Green
    • Brand: Kitras Art Glass
    • UPC: 877065006052

  • National Artcraft Hummingbird Feeder Tubes for Making Your Own Nectar Bird Feeders (Pkg/48)

    It is easy to make your own hummingbird nectar feeder with these inexpensive, foolproof feeder tubes. Use any small bottle, jar or other container for liquid. All you need is an opening into which you push the rubber stopper on the feeder tube. The stopper is tapered and measures 15/16 inch at the top and 5/8 inch at the bottom. The curved plastic tube has a red tip to attract hummingbirds. Potters will find these feeder tubes perfect for completing a handmade feeder. For the crafts-minded person, small plastic bottles or wine bottles make excellent containers. You can also use glass jars with lids. Just drill a hole in the lid and insert the...
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • ASIN: B00YYI0ZJ0
    • Brand: National Artcraft
    • UPC: 729498138933

  • First Nature Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz

    This First Nature 32-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder is an exclusive to Wal-Mart customers. First Nature brand hummingbird feeders are designed to attract hummingbirds. Attractive, patented features make First Nature Hummingbird Feeders easy to use, clean and they provide effective pest
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder
    2 piece hummingbird feeder with 32 oz reservoir, S hook, and 10 feeding portsMade from durable, lightweight plasticWide-mouth reservoir is easy to fill and cleanSeal ring prevents leaksBright red color attracts hummingbirdsWasp and bee-proofBuilt-in ant

    • UPC: 22730125
    • Model: 993092-442
    • Color: Red
    • Rating: 3.8

  • Perky-Pet 8 oz Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder

    The bright red base and flowers of the Perky-Pet Pinch Waist Hummingbird Feeder will attract the tiny hummingbirds to your yard! The wide mouth opening on this glass bottle makes filling your feeder easier and mess free. The eight-ounce nectar capacity is the perfect size to ensure that your hummingbirds always have the freshest of nectar. Complete with a built-in ant moat and bee guards, pesky bees and ants will never be an issue for you with this feeder! Simply fill the ant moat on the lid with water and ants won't be able to crawl down the feeder and
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder
    Perky-Pet 8 oz Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder:Wide-mouth bottle allows for easy filling and cleaning Four flower shaped feeding ports with comfortable perchesEntire feeder comes apart for thoroughBuilt-in bee guards and ant moat keeps insects outClear glass bottle makes it easy to monitor nectar levelsHolds up to 9 oz

    • UPC: 37571505
    • Model: 203CPBN
    • Color: RedClear
    • Size: 2 x 77.2 x 7.2 x 9.5 in
    • Rating: 3.759

  • Perky-Pet 32 oz Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder

    The Perky Pet Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder will not only attract hummingbirds near and far, but it will also add a vintage touch to your yard! The blue color of the glass bottle is reminiscent of vintage blue glass canning jars used in the 1800's. With its 32-ounce capacity, this large capacity feeder will keep your hummingbirds coming back time and time
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder
    Perky-Pet 32 oz Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder:Antique blue glass mason with embossed details5 white and yellow metal flower feeding portsGalvanized metal base with circular perchHolds 32 oz of

    • UPC: 28640152
    • Model: 785
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: 8.25 x 8.25 x 7.5 in25 x 8
    • Rating: 4.205

  • Hummingbird Feeder, 10- Ounce Nectar Capacity, Glass Bottle, Ruby

    Wide mouth design and beautiful glass bottle for Easy-Fill and Easy Clean. Base disassembles for cleaning to reduce or eliminate spillage and a unique built-in ant moat on top. It has five integrated perches and holds 10 ounces of
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder
    More Birds Ruby Hummingbird Feeder:10 ounce nectar capacity5 bright yellow flower shaped feeding portsAttract more hummingbirds with their favorite color- red top & basinWide mouth for easy fillingBase dissembles for easy cleaningBuilt-in ant moat stops ants from contaminating the

    • UPC: 24381547
    • Model: 35IN
    • Color: RedClear
    • Size: 8 x 108 x 10.25 x 7.75 in
    • Rating: 4.275

  • Perky-Pet Green Antique Hummingbird Feeder

    The Perky-Pet Green Glass Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder is one of Perky-Pet brand's most popular decorative feeders used to attract hummingbirds. The elegance and style of the glass antique bottle, along with its brushed copper accents will add a touch of class to any bird lover’s yard. This decorative feeder is a breeze to fill and clean, just unscrew the bottle from the base - it's that easy! Hummingbirds near and far will make this feeder a regular
    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder

    • UPC: 10841853
    • Model: 8108-2
    • Color: Green
    • Size: EA
    • Rating: 4.1

  • HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER PAR-A-SOL DEW DROP Handblown Recycled Glass GREEN Dripless

    • UPC: 362592708764
    • Category: Nectar Feeders
    • Price: 19 USD


    • UPC: 272211236510
    • Category: Nectar Feeders
    • Price: 8 USD

  • Hummingbird Feeder New Blue Perches Antique Design Recycled Glass

    • UPC: 264374237547
    • Category: Nectar Feeders
    • Price: 79 USD

  • Bambeco Round La Fortuna Hummingbird Feeder~ Handmade from Recycled Glass "New"

    • UPC: 322852231516
    • Category: Nectar Feeders
    • Price: 59 USD

  • Hummingbird Nectar Feeder-Parasol - Hand Blown Recycled Glass High Quality Rare

    • UPC: 223474790125
    • Category: Nectar Feeders
    • Price: 22 USD

  • Hummingbird Feeder - How To Make A DIY Hummingbird Feeder Out Of Water Bottle

    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder
    DIY Homemade Best Hummingbird Feeder: How to make a best hummingbird feeder at home from water bottle. How to recycle plastic bottles and containers in a positive way. #Hummingbird #Bird #Birdfee...
    Bird,birds,glass hummingbird feeder,hummingbird feeding,Hummingbird,bird feeder,hummingbird feede...

    How To Make a Hummingbird Feeder!

    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder
    How to make a homemade hummingbird feeder! All you need for this original project is a bottle (with screw-on cap), two aluminum cans, a screwdriver, drill, scissors, and some 5-min epoxy. Watch t...
    how to make,diy,homemade,easy,do it yourself,how to build,bird feeder,making,mason jar,bottle,gla...

    DIY Hummingbird Feeder. Fun Summertime Craft Project for Kids too!

    Recycled Hummingbird Feeder
    Lindsay Weirich, The Frugal Crafter, is back this week showing us how to make this fun and easy DIY hummingbird feeder. It's a perfect craft for summer and a great project for kids looking for some...
    home improvement,home and garden,HGMM,How-to,DIY,hummingbird,hummingbird feeder,craft,project,sum...