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  • German War Hammer Replica Medieval Weapon with Wood Grip and Steel Head

    The German War Hammer was a powerful weapon that could do serious damage and cut through armor or divide a skull. This piece features a 5" steel head with steel langets with a hardwood hilt, and a secure grip with brass tacks. With historically authentic design, this is a great addition to any collection.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B010Y2TD0Q
    • Color: Metallic
    • Brand: Armor Venue
    • UPC: 788536278253

  • BladesUSA HK-5521 Medieval Sword with Wire-Wrapped Handle, 39-Inch Length

    This BladesUSA Medieval Long Sword with Wire-Wrapped Handle (model HK-5521) embodies the look of the iconic medieval weapon in a decorative piece for you to enjoy. The sword features a traditional stainless steel blade with a fine taper that brings the blade to a fine point. The guard offers a touch of detail for added appeal. A wire-wrapped grip leads to a small circular pommel, which has a scaled pattern on it. This medieval long sword is a perfect choice to display on your wall as it celebrates the ages old appeal of this weapon.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B00461LGN4
    • Brand: BladesUSA
    • UPC: 805319114741

  • Armory Replicas Legendary Blade of Frey Elven Short Scimitar

    Elven magic is very old and very strong as it resonates from nature. Not only are they great in magic but they are skilled warriors. The Light Elves have been at war for eons with the Elves of Darkness. It is the same old story good versus evil. The Dark Elves want to destroy the Light Elves taking over there kingdom and be able to walk in the daylight again. Fight the forces of evil and protect what is rightfully yours with the Legendary Blade of Frey Elven Short Scimitar. This type of magic in the palm of your hands would be a great advantage. This short scimitar features a stainless steel blade with a black ABS textured handle and zinc alu...
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B00P9DNZDM
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Armory Replicas

  • Knights Templar Medieval Replica Longsword Gold

    Richly detailed with ornate designs and an immaculate attention to detail, this traditional replica sword is a great tribute to the legend of the Knights Templar. Bearing an intricate design featuring Celtic knot work, two cross pattees and the Templar emblem of two knights on horseback; the 22 inch blade is crafted from 440 stainless steel and features a traditional fuller along the middle of the blade. The guard of the sword is quillion style and solidly built. In the middle of the cross bar is a medallion again featuring the Templar two knight emblem while two shields bracket it on either side- the right featuring a cross pattee and the le...
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B00A2TYRJY
    • Color: Black, Gold, Silver
    • Brand: Armory Replicas
    • UPC: 744633191789

  • BladesUSA PK-6182 Universal Leather Sword Frog, 8-Inch Overall

    This Universal Sword Frog is designed to fit a wide variety of swords and scabbards, allowing them to be suspended from a belt via leather straps. The frog comes with adjustable lacing, so that the wearer can fit the frog for sizes that accommodate a humble dagger to holding a grand long sword, all while supporting the weight from a waist-worn belt. Made from black leather with steel hardware, this Universal Sword Frog is sure to fit in with virtually any sort of attire that requires a sword to be worn.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B006BJG1TI
    • Color: Right Hand
    • Brand: BladesUSA
    • UPC: 615953352382

  • Late Period War Hammer Medieval Weapon All Steel and Authentic Styling by Armor Venue

    The Late Period War Hammer comes from Germany and was in use during the late 16th century and early 17th century. This weapon is crafted of all steel and has a wide faced hammer head with a tough spike for balance. It also has a cord wrapped grip. With authentic design, this is a great addition to any collection.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B010Y2TL1W
    • Color: Metallic
    • Brand: Armor Venue
    • UPC: 788536278307

  • Armor Venue - Viking Shield - Brown - Full Size Replica Medieval Shield

    This finished shield has been prestained a dark brown and has a steel boss, decorative strips and rim, all bolted on. The back is covered in felt and has a grip and arm strap. $5.00 additional Shipping & Handling charge with item. No Express or Air Shipping Available.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B00MV6O2J6
    • Color: Metallic
    • Brand: Armor Venue
    • UPC: 788536275375

  • Whetstone Cutlery William Wallace Medieval Sword with Sheath, Silver

    Reclaim your FREEDOM from the tyrannical English king with this authentic William Wallace sword! This sword is a replica of the sword William Wallace wielded in the movie Braveheart. The blade is made of polished stainless steel and is double edged. The hilt and pommel are composed of polished metal and the handle is wrapped in leather. The sword comes complete with an authentic rough leather sheath that includes a strap to attach this 40.75 inch sword to your belt.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B002HMAHR0
    • Brand: Whetstone Cutlery
    • UPC: 844296053292

  • Medieval Crusader Sword with Scabbard - Choose your style

    This is a very nicely made Medieval Crusader Sword Overall length is approximately 42", the blade measures approximately 28" in length. Package weights approximately 5.5lb.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B002FKKNHS
    • Color: Crusader Sword
    • Brand: Vulcan Gear
    • UPC: 615953351507

  • Medieval Gear Functional Round Wooden Viking Battle Shield Steel Rim 16G Steel Umbo SCA LARP

    This is a fully functional Viking Circular Battle Shield. It is made of solid wood and features a wooden handle, a steel covered rim, and a 16G steel umbo. The front is stained dark wood, while the back side is painted black.
    Replica Medieval Weapons

    • ASIN: B00QQYC80O
    • Brand: Medieval Gears

  • Sapphire Medieval Princess Child Costume

    Replica Medieval Weapons
    Girls Costumes - This Girls Blue Medieval Princess Costume includes the full length dress with long flowing flared sleeves, belt with vertical stripe and also the

    • UPC: 144258065
    • Model: 00573
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: S
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Womens Medieval Lady Lace Up Gown Adult

    You'll be the fairest dame at your next costume party when you wear the Womens Medieval Lady Lace Up Gown Adult Plus Costume. This costume includes a long, red crushed velvet corset dress, a low front, and black crisscross lacing details on the chest. The dress comes in one size that will fit most plus size women. It's based on the long, flowing colorful robes upper class women wore during the Medieval era, in the late Middle Ages. PLEASE NOTE: THE WHITE DRESS UNDERNEATH IS NOT INCLUDED. Be sure to check out the Blonde Goddess Wig Adult, Single Stone Renaissance
    Replica Medieval Weapons
    Womens Medieval Lady Lace Up Gown Adult

    • UPC: 166646345
    • Model: 270714
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 16-22
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Special Ranger Dino Weapon Child Halloween Accessory

    Wear this Halloween accessory to your favorite party.
    Replica Medieval Weapons
    Special Ranger Dino Weapon Child Halloween Accessory :Includes saberCare instructions: Handwash; Do not bleach; Wipe with damp cloth; Cold water; Do not ironChildSize Chart will vary by costume. See a detailed Size Chart.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Size Chart.Download Adobe Acrobat Reader now.

    • UPC: 45075668
    • Model: DG82798
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: Standard
    • Rating: 2.0

  • Halloween Medieval Tabard - Blue/Black Adult Costume

    This is the perfect accessory for many medieval costumes! It features blue and black overlay with gold trim. It's just the costume you need for Halloween, character or historical reenactments, parties, plays, parades, family occasions and other holiday productions and
    Replica Medieval Weapons
    Halloween Medieval Tabard - Blue/Black Adult Costume

    • UPC: 38662330
    • Model: FM68560
    • Color: Black
    • Size: One Size Fits Most
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Womens Medieval Maiden Halloween Costume

    You have the beauty that can start (and end) a war! When you want to get into a beautiful dress that harkens back to the days of knights, kings and queens, you can't go wrong with this outfit! Pick up our Womens Medieval Maiden Costume today!With this dress with attached cape, a classic ornamental headpiece and a jeweled pin, you'll have everything you need for Halloween or the latest Rennaissance Faire! So check out our Womens Medieval Maiden Costume today, and look at our other medieval and renaissance costumes to get all your friends in on the
    Replica Medieval Weapons
    Available in Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large and XLItem Includes: Dress with Attached Cape, Ornamental Headpiece and Jeweled PinPictured items not included: Wig and bootsMaterial: 100% PolyesterCare Instructions: Spot Clean

    • UPC: 39975502
    • Model: 01364
    • Color: MaroonAssorted
    • Size: Large (size 10-12)

  • FOAM Medieval Longsword Knights Templar Latex Replica Sword LARP Weapon Cosplay

    • UPC: 122112975469
    • Category: Handhelds & Props
    • Price: 24 USD

  • Latex Landsknechte Germanic Greatsword Replica Foam LARP Medieval Weapon Cosplay

    • UPC: 372636420850
    • Category: Medieval
    • Price: 29 USD

  • GOT medieval weapons replicas PUSH PINS collectibles for corkboard- new in box

    • UPC: 113804818607
    • Category: Armor & Shields
    • Price: 7 USD

  • Loki Viking Sword FOAM Replica River Witham Medieval LARP Weapon Cosplay Costume

    • UPC: 123791341110
    • Category: Medieval & Renaissance
    • Price: 29 USD

  • Barbarian Greatsword Wooden Medieval Replica Battle Worn LARP Weapon Cosplay

    • UPC: 371742489769
    • Category: TV, Film & Game Replica Blades
    • Price: 24 USD

  • My Medieval Weapons replicas/reproductions

    Replica Medieval Weapons
    My collection of replica/reproduction medieval weapons including: Hanwei/Tinker Pearce Early Medieval/Arming Sword Heron armoury Falchion Hanwei Viking axe Flail Crossbow (Low power/wall hanger) ...
    weapons and stuff 93,Weaponsandstuff93,My Medieval Weapons replicas/reproductions,Medieval weapon...

    10 Best Medieval Weapons

    Replica Medieval Weapons
    The 10 Best Medieval Weapons - which 10 medieval European weapons were the most effective, successful and influential on the medieval battlefield and in civilian life? This is my top 10 run down. I...
    The 10 Best Medieval Weapons,10 best weapons,best medieval weapons,best swords,medieval warfare,w...

    What's with hearts on medieval weapons?

    Replica Medieval Weapons
    Why did knights of the middle ages, the elite forces of the time, decorate their weapons and personal items with a symbol of love and to (most) peoples modern idea, of femininity? A quick chat abo...
    todsworkshop,todcutler,medieval,swords,daggers,dirk,heart motif,chivalry,courtly love