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  • Smithfield Country Ham Olde World Cure Center Slice Ham Steaks (8 ounce)

    The final step to ultimate convenience, cooked, trimmed and sliced Country Ham. Country hams are aged, smoked and dry salt-cured the same as the Genuine Smithfield Ham, but for a shorter time. The result is a more subtle, slightly milder flavor that still retains that distinctive country-cure taste. These thick ham-steak slices come in vacuum packages, 8 oz. each, for further ease of serving and storage. Recommended for ham sandwiches, biscuits or rolls and as a complement to seafood and poultry entrees. Refrigerate upon receipt. These fully cooked and thinly sliced country ham slices are full of old-fashioned country cure
    Smithfield Ham Coupons
    Ships expedited in an insulated package to ensure freshnessSubtle, mild flavor with distinctive country-cure

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  • Smithfield : Ham Capital of the World

    Smithfield Ham Coupons
    The history of Isle of Wight County and Smithfield are nearly as old as the settlement of the nation itself. In 1608, explorer Capt. John Smith visited the area south of his Jamestown Colony in search of food and trade with the Warascoyak Indians. The region s first inhabitants took root in 1619, and the town of Smithfield was established in 1752. A culinary specialty of the area learned from the Native Americans was introduced to the rest of the world in the late 1700s a salt-cured cut of pork later known as Smithfield Ham. The popularity of the ham

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  • Cured Ham, Smithfield the Painting Pig ( )

    Cured Ham, Smithfield the Painting Pig ( ) ( )
    Smithfield Ham Coupons
    On stage Smithfield, the Virginia born pot-bellied pig, reveals his special talents. He picks up a brush with his porcine jaws, walks up to the canvas and paints. He drops the brush, picks up another and starts over again. Disaster struck; his brush was

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  • Great deal on Smithfield Spiral Ham at Publix

    Smithfield Ham Coupons
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    Smithfield Diced or Cubed Ham 65¢ each at Publix

    Smithfield Ham Coupons
    Weekly Sale  9/20-9/26 or 9/21-9/27 Link to the coupon is below

    Going HAM at Publix! Nearly Free 4/13 Coupon Haul

    Smithfield Ham Coupons
    The Sunlight Dish Liquid is also $0.69 producing $0.31 in overage with the $1 manufacturer coupon :-) Coupon List: $2 Smithfield Ham: 3/24 SS (regional) $1/2 Welch's Fruit Snacks: 3/17 SS $1 Edy...
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